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BC Fair Pharmacare

PLEASE NOTE: International students or out of province students do not need to apply for BC Fair Pharmacare.  Please register directly for your myBenfits Card.  On this form instead of the BC Fair Pharmacare number, please indicate the country or province you are from.  Register for your myBenefits Card HERE.    

The Fair PharmaCare program in British Columbia is intended to provide greater financial assistance to British Columbian's for eligible prescription drugs and designated medical supplies. You must be a resident of the Province of British Columbia with an MSP number. The new approach focuses PharmaCare financial assistance to British Columbian's who need it most - the lower your income, the more assistance the government will provide for your prescription drugs.

By coordinating the benefits from BC Fair PharmaCare and the Student Health Plan, many enrolled students will enjoy lower out-of-pocket charges for their eligible prescription drugs.

Students with net income less than $15,000 in the previous taxation year, who have registered for BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) on their own, not under their family, will enjoy the greatest benefit. PharmaCare will pay 70% of eligible prescription drug charges from the first dollar charged to the student and the Student Benefits Plan will pay up to 80% of the remainder!

To register you will need to have your:
• BC Care Card number
• Net income from 2 years ago (line 236 on your tax return)
• Social insurance number
• Date of birth

You will receive your registration number immediately.

Click here for a PDF on the step-by-step process needed to completed your card registration.  

Register online HERE
Please note this link above works best using Safari or Internet Explorer. 

If you experience difficulty registering, or it states that you are already registered, or if you prefer to register over the phone please call: 604-683-7151 or 1-800-663-7100 for assistance.

Once you have your BC Fair PharmaCare number, register for your myBenefits Card HERE

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